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SpaFix offers Australia's most comprehensive spa service. With our fleet of experienced technicians, we are able to offer timely spa maintenance and repair services, whilst also improving the quality of your spa through new technology. Our goal is to ensure that you have peace of mind when reaching out for a service of your product and that you can focus your energy on relaxing.

Most Comprehensive Service

Our all inclusive service means that we don't just resolve the one issue you've identified, we assess the spa's entire condition and ensure that it is running optimally in every capacity. Our 2 levels of services also allow you to have control over how your spa repair and maintenance is handled. 

100% Customer Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on providing a perfect level of service every time we enter your home/backyard. We expect you as a customer to be 100% satisfied with the completed job before signing off on it's completion.

Industry Leaders

We have had over 25 years experience in spas and swim spas and we are known well as industry leaders of this space. We have highly skilled and trained staff who are capable to repairing and maintaining any situation your spa may encounter, so you can trust we will get the job done every time. 

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