Whatever the problem is - we will fix it or you
 don't pay!

That's right, we ensure that we will fix your spa on site and we if we can't, you don't pay the call out fee. With a our trustworthy fleet of spa technicians, we have experience with all spa brands and spa related issues, allowing us to repair and maintain your spa without any hassles. Brands we have dealt with: 

And many more!

On Site Repairs


When a SpaFix technician is on site at your property, we aim to properly inspect and diagnose all faults and provide you as much feedback as possible before beginning the service. This allows customers to understand exactly what is going on with their spa product and we we will be looking to resolve any issues.

We handle all the repairs of the spa including electrical, plumbing, electronic, leaks, pumps, filtration and any other issues. We also assist in the replacement of spare parts including jets, filters, headrests, diverters, valves, controllers, touch pads, pumps and blowers, along with all plumbing fittings.

Our experience spa technicians can also quote on larger jobs and either commence the service on the spot, or re-schedule a time that is at the customer convenience. Our staff will also always provide an upgrading solution to your parts to ensure that you have access to the most modern technology within your spa.


Spare Parts Replacement

We have an extensive range of spare parts to assist in ensuring your spa is at full functionality at all times. We have the ability to source locally made parts so you can have peace of mind knowing that your spa is using only the best quality equipment.

We can also quote you on the parts you require and can return at a convenient time for you to install if required.

Visit our spare parts online store to purchase parts yourself. Simply click the logo below:

Chemicals / Water Balancing


SpaFix can provide all suitable chemicals for any spa brand or type. Our range of spa chemicals are made to ensure that you have the cleanest water at all times and we can assist in educating you how to add chemicals to your water.

We are also able to assist in draining and refilling your spa if required, whilst also ensuring that your filters are replaced. Often, the water is clean but the filters are producing bacteria which goes hand in hand with the clean water.

To assist you with your spa chemical needs, SpaFix have set up a Home Chemical Care Plan. To find out more information, click the picture below.

Our Test your Water website also allows you to freely test your water and gives you valuable information to ensure your water is always fresh. Click the picture below for more information. 

Sight Inspections


SpaFix's sight inspection includes a full analysis of the property and the space allocated. We take into consideration:

- Access to the yard

- Spa positioning / construction

- Transport and installation costs

- Crane costs (if required)

We are able to provide an on site quote and schedule a time for us to help with the installation or contact our large range of contacts to help with the process from start to finish. 

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